DynaForms+ Mobile

Syml DynaForms+ Mobile solution is a completely secure, confidential and portable solution to assist GPs and shared care Clinicians to complete any digital form, offline, while visiting patients. The mobile version was especially designed for chronic condition monitoring and elderly care-giving to address the concerns of risks involved with manual human and paper-based processes. An essential element is the seamless update of the offsite digital data capture into the patients’ records within the GP clinical system, ensuring that organisations feel confident in achieving their target outcomes.

A secure, simple and intuitive solution, readily available including the three essential clinical forms, Patient Initial Assessment, Annual Assessment and Medication Review. Such information is normally required, at least annually, for every elderly patient. In the majority of cases these would be completed on printed paper forms, scanned with human resources, then clinically coded prior to attachment in the patients’ clinical records. Evidence of completion of assessment and monitoring (e.g. for the end of year Post Payment Verification) is required for financial purposes too.

The essential efficiency gap in such a process is not only attributed to the valuable clinical competence versus paper processes, but to the fundamental aim of high-quality digital data to sustain the adoption of mobile technology. The offline and offsite data collection via specific e-forms at-the-point-of-care, eliminates all paper processing and human errors in transferring data to the GP clinical system, which are not risk-adverse.