Recent projects have included:

Integrated Autism Service (IAS)

Developed in close collaboration with the Autism team of the WLGA (Welsh Local Government Association). The system allowed clinical providers to digitally input all information according to specific chronic condition management protocols to build the patient record.

The primary value-add of the solution was to enable ongoing remote communication between the patient and the provider, through periodic monitoring form email requests. Intelligent alerting and respondent data analysis functionality allowed clinicians to prioritise patients and take preventative actions, the system could be easily customised for any other chronic condition monitoring needs.

Sidhu Pharmacy - Anonymised Pharmacy Survey

Sidhu’s Pharmacy was proposing to relocate to a new Health Centre facility at a hospital site. The Pharmacy needed to ascertain what actual impact the relocation might have on patients accessing pharmaceutical services from this pharmacy.

The digital survey provided a means of capturing patient opinions and responses, ranging from the primary purpose for visiting the pharmacy, impact severity as a result of relocation, plus the means used to travel there. The collated rich data set enabled the production of reports to analyse and assess the possible repercussions of the move.

Working with Syml to produce an automated pharmacy survey via an application, has been extremely simple & efficient. Traditionally this has not been possible in pharmacy and has been done manually, which introduces errors. Automating has allowed for improved & objective analytics which can be used to evidence hypotheses for NHS stakeholders.

Syml clearly understood customer requirements and adapted where necessary within tight timelines. As a consultant representing multiple Healthcare clients, I will definately be recommending Syml for future projects.

Nitin Koria

Director, Healthcare Plus Consulting Ltd
Momentary Assessment Tool for Workplace Health Intervention, Swansea University Sport & Exercise Sciences

Feedback questionnaires were sent out randomly to registrants during a typical working week, their responses were captured and stored securely, anonymised CSV file export of the collated database content satisfied further analysis and reporting requirements.

We have worked with SymlConnect to develop a range of momentary assessment tools for a workplace health intervention.

The team were great at designing the questionnaires to our specific needs and we have been very satisfied with the end product which has done everything that we discussed at the onset.

Dr Melitta McNarry

Associate Professor - Sports Science, Swansea University