The Company

At SymlConnect we create digital health solutions for healthcare providers across the board. The Company formed in 2012, was born out of the widely recognised needs of bridging the patient-clinician communication gap, bringing better efficiency to continued long-term chronic condition monitoring and to engage patients for a prudent healthcare delivery. Exacerbated by the ever-expanding elderly population demands and the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we delivered time-critical innovative remote operational solutions for the primary care and community care markets.

Syml takes pride in our ability to work in full collaboration with the clinical and patient user groups to ensure co-creation of intuitive front ends and relevant care pathways. Syml’s unique user-centric approach offered the privilege of partnering with some of the most skilful recognised specialists and academics in Wales, each sharing a common vision of enhancing the efficiency of care-giving and receiving, utilising the modern, intelligent communications technologies. The challenging ambition was to offer customised solutions for easy user experience. This was achieved by dedicating the time required to fully understand individual protocols and reflecting the care pathways in a simplified and perceptive manner, ensuring familiar interfaces and process flows are maintained. The need of a minimum learning curve overcomes the widely recognised barrier of ‘new system learning’ to technology adoption.

Established within the Swansea Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), our software development efforts were bolstered by recognition from academic and clinical partners, ‘research and development’ awards and equity investments. Coupled with the goal of making inroads into secondary and other parallel care delivery markets the secured data collection, data transfer and data visualisation modules are readily customisable for any relevant organisational needs. SymlConnect has wide-reaching industry ambitions, backed by a hands-on dynamic team with over 35 years of joint experience in all aspects of clinical information technology, product development, mobile technical expertise, standards and governance. Ongoing collaboration with other companies, academic institutions and NHS organisations is a conscious decision made for mutual growth, innovation and stability.

Following a track record of award-winning achievements, SymlConnect is now an accredited EMIS Health partner and is currently expanding its range of support for other major clinical system platforms like Vision and Systm One. Syml specialises in the development of digital remote monitoring and interactive assessment software solutions, based on our customisable modular framework, recent projects include independent remote pharma solutions and anonymised data survey projects. Syml looks forward to an escalated growth with its current partners and locate future opportunities, both within Britain and internationally. We welcome creative minds and proactive organisations to connect with us to explore prospective projects.

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